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Integral management solutions in sustainable projects

Who are we?

Inversiones Solymar S.A was founded in February 2005. Our company focuses on developing investment business strategies in the management of sustainable and ecological projects.
We are partners with Rokosan Latam, Chematek Latam and Citecsa, and we currently represent Horeb (Energy and Organic Fuels from Mexico).


• Comprehensive solutions for the management of green projects
• Business Development
• Strategic alliances
• Chemicals, catalysts for gasoline and diesel, organic fertilizers, among others.

We offer services and products friendly to the environment for:Renewable energies, water treatment and waste management, land revitalization, and green energy

fertile soil

Organic fertilizers

Water and waste

Water treatment
Treatment of solid waste
Electrical and thermal energy
FFertilizers from waste of biological origin

Green energy

Liquid catalyst


Chematek S.p.A, founded by its owner and CEO, has grown as a leading supplier of chemicals and services to the chemical industry.

Chematek has two main divisions, called Energy & Water and Fine Chemistry.

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CITECSA provides technical assistance for the installation, operation and maintenance of all types of water treatment plants (Potable, Residual and Industrial) and Waste Plants "Waste to Energy".

Also supplies all chemicals, parts and spare parts, as well as the operation and maintenance of the systems described above.

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It is a company that offers products of Biofriendly Corporation in charge of the production, distribution and commercialization of GreenPlus in Latin America and some countries in Asia, Europe and Middle East.

GreenPlus is a liquid nanotechnology that acts on the molecular structure of fossil fuels like gasoline and diƩsel.

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ROKOSAN has three main divisions focused on the production of organic fertilizers and amino acids, rental of industrial areas, business offices and production of renewable energy from photovoltaic solar plants with a total power of 4.5 MW.

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